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Anti-Flag is a punk rock band that formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1988. The group is best known for their politically minded lyrics and subject matter. Some lyrical themes include anti-war, protest, class warfare, liberalism, human equality and sociological subjects. In addition, Anti-Flag has publicly advocated and endorses the radical environmental agencies Greenpeace and Amnesty International. Anti-Flag is one of the most outspoken bands in favor of ecological reform and change. In recent news, Anti-Flag has shown great support for the global Occupy Together movement. Singer/guitarist Justin Sane and drummer Pat Thetic founded anti-Flag. Since 1986, Anti-Flag has released 10 full-length studio albums. They have been signed to record labels New Red Archives, Go Kart, SideOneDummy, A-F, RCA and Fat Wreck Chords. Anti-Flag uses the Gun Star symbol as their band logo. Anti-Flag guitarist Chris Head designed it. The group used it on the cover of their 2002 studio album, Mobilize. Anti-Flag has been an actively touring band since their inception in 1988. They have also taken the lead at performing at some of the major protest rallies in the United States. Anti-Flag's own record label has become very successful in its own right. They have signed other Punk Rock groups such as The Unseen, Modey Lemon, Pipedown, Much the Same, The Vacancy and The Code. Anti-Flag continues to tour the world as well as record original music. They are currently working on their 11th full-length studio offering.