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Information of Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is one of the greatest exponents of American folk- rock and as well as one of the greatest icons of universal rock. With the name of Robert Allen Zimmerman, the singer and songwriter was born in Minnesota (USA) in 1941.

The beginning of Dylan’s artistic career was in 1960, when he moved to New York, although he had already felt a growing interest in folk and rock. It is since that decade that Dylan begins to frequent the clubs of New York and begins to work with the record label Columbia.
With whom he will publish his homonymous album in 1962. That same year he legally changed his name (inspired by the poet Dylan Thomas) and signed a contract with the Albert Grossman.

In 1963 he published "The Freewhelin", one of the most important and best rated albums, where Bob Dylan developed the genre of the protest song with songs like "Blowin 'in the Wind". With this release, in addition, he obtained the support of artists such as The Beatles, Joan Baez or Peter, Paul and Mary. That same year, Dylan and Joan Baez sang in the civil rights march (Washington).

With "Bringing It All Back Home" Bob Dylan evolves stylistically by introducing recordings with electric instruments that surprise both audiences and critics. Bob Dylan is getting closer to rock and blues, to the detriment of folk influences that characterized him in his beginnings.

His first single, ‘‘Like a Rolling Stone’’(1963) became a universal rock anthem and was chosen as the best song of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.

Another of his most acclaimed albums is "Highway 61 Revisted", which has songs like "Desolation Row" that became a generational anthem.

His first world tour took place in 1966. The decade of the 70s was inaugurated by the singer-songwriter with "Self Portrait" and returned to the stage in 1974 along with The Band. With this tour, he also published his first live album. The composition of "Hurricane", one of Dylan's most famous themes, dedicated to boxer Rubin Carter, also dates from this decade.

In 2006, the documentary "No Direction Home" is published, directed by Martin Scorsese, which deals with his early career.In 2012, Barak Obama awarded Dylan the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which was followed by the publication of "Tempest", a new studio album and much darker than the previous ones.
In 2016, Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature, being the first musician to receive this award.
His latest work, ‘‘ Triplicate ’’, which constitutes his 38th album, is a compilation of American classic tracks.

Today, and after 25 years, Dylan continues his Never Ending Tour, that began in 1988.