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Information of Pearl Jam

Hailing out of Seattle, WA, Pearl Jam is one of the founding groups of the grunge genre. Born in 1990, Pearl Jam consists of members Eddie Vedder on vocals and guitar, Jeff Ament on bass, rhythm guitarist Stone Gossard, drummer Matt Cameron, and Mike McCready on lead guitar. With the release of the now historic Ten album in 1991, Pearl Jam was thrust into instant fame and since then, there has been no slowing down this powerful grunge rock band. Since the release of Ten, Pearl Jam has created albums that are versatile and have been compared to such legends as Jimi Hendrix and Neil Young. Pearl Jam thrives on playing live music on tour, and have played every concert and festival imaginable during their 20 years of musical fame. Pearl Jam's career has spanned the decades, and with each album they release, they display a side of the band not experienced on previous records. Sometimes new wave and pop sounding, while other times displaying a simple rock out attitude, Pearl Jam is a band that truly shows a wide range of musical melodies as the backdrop to their deep and meaningful lyrics that touch on subjects from politics to social problems that plague America. Whether in a music video, or through a live stage show, Pearl Jam envokes an energy and feeling that will make this band relevent for many years to come. This is the video that started it all...