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Founded in 1988 by Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails is an industrial rock band that has earned enormous popularity through the years. Their debut album, Pretty Hate Machine, was released in 1989, and since then they have released a huge collection of music that includes nine studio albums. While Reznor is the songwriter, producer, instrumentalist, and singer of all the songs in Nine Inch Nails' vast music collection, the band also includes Robin Finck, Alessandro Cortini, IIan Rubin, and Josh Eustis. Nine Inch Nails creates a type of music that can best be described as industrial alternative metal, and the lyrics to their songs touch on subjects like greed, sex, regret, religion. When their often dark lyrics combine with their loud and angry instrumental rifts, the combination is an explosion of music that is powerful and emotional. Nine Inch Nails is a band with a distinct style and sound that sets them apart from other bands of the same musical genre.