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Marilyn Manson has become one of the most controversial artists in the past few decades. His shock and offensive style of performing has created a major stir around the artist's work and life. Marilyn Manson grew up in Canton, Ohio and began his music career in 1989. He has released 9 full-length studio albums since 1994. His first album was called Portrait of an American Family. 7 out of 10 of Marilyn Manson's albums reached the Top 10 in the US Charts. 3 of his records went certified Platinum as well as Gold. Despite the numerous lawsuits, allegations and controversy surrounding his music, Marilyn Manson has never compromised his sound of performance style.

However, Manson received unanimous critical acclaim for his sophomore album release, Antichrist Superstar in 1996. The album became a widespread success thanks in part to MTV and other music video networks. Manson's music videos have become as popular as the musician. In addition, Manson just released his Born Villain album in 2012. Marilyn Manson still tours the world extensively. He is currently working on new material for his 10th studio offering as well as crafting his own Absinthe line. One of the main attributes of Marilyn Manson's work is that critics often dismiss the rocker as being an intentional shocker. However, Manson has claimed his role as a cultural icon by reflecting back to America its hypocritical as well as depraved forms of mainstream style. As Manson's fan base grows, so do his adversaries in the media.