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Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, known to his fans as Luis Miguel, is one of the most recognized Latino artists of the last decades. Something that should not be surprising if we consider the enormous number of boleros and romantic songs that have come out of the records of this artist, born in Puerto Rico, to a Spanish father and an Italian mother, and who also has Mexican nationality. Nicknamed several times as El Sol de México, throughout his career, which began in 1982 and continues today, Luis Miguel's tours and concerts have always been events in which the tickets disappeared as soon as he got to the sale, and that is that Luis Miguel's pull is something that moves crowds that cannot resist his charm on stage and his songs full of Latin rhythms. But if Luis Miguel has achieved his fame for something, it is, without a doubt, for his interpretations of boleros by classical composers such as Armando Manzanero or Agustín Lara. One can only imagine that with his first bolero album, titled "Romance", he sells more than seven million copies worldwide, thereby achieving more than 700 platinum records. From here, Luis Miguel's career will continue near these types of songs, completely marking his style, romantic and warm. Luis Miguel's first work was published in 1982 under the name Un Sol, and his work would last until 2017, when he released ¡México por Siempre !. In total, to date Luis Miguel has 29 jobs on the market and two compilations. With all this, Luis Miguel currently accumulates 120 awards in a personal capacity. Luis Miguel's long career has led him to be one of the current legends of Latin music; The figure of Luis Miguel has led several writers to carry out his biography and even to have a series for television.