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A band formed in Stockholm, Sweden, Europe has been playing rock music since 1979. Europe has nineteen videos, nine albums, three live albums, and three compilations that they have released throughout the years. Despite the fact that they were one of the most successful rock groups in the 1980s, they are best known for their song The Final Countdown, which is still used and recognized world-wide.

In 1979 the band first got together. At that point they were going by the name Force and were mainly sticking to playing covers. It wasnÂ’t until 1982 when they won a contest that they were able to strike a record deal and decided to change their name to Europe. Their first album debuted in 1983 and became very successful in their home country of Sweden.

The band stayed on a successful path and in 1985, they were signed by Epic Records. In 1986 Europe released their single The Final Countdown. This single brought the band international recognition and got them the number 8 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. Their fame continued to grow and the band itself changed and evolved. In 1992, the group decided to take a break from each other and grow on their own.

After a seven year long break the band reunited for a New YearÂ’s Eve concert in 1999. However, it was not until 2003 that Europe announced their plans for a new album and tour. Since then, Europe has continued to create new albums and play concerts the world over.