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Eric Clapton is a rock guitarist considered by many to be a Guitar God. Born in England in 1945 he discovered guitar at age 14 listening to recordings of blues players from America. He first played with the Yardbirds, a British rock band. After becoming a member of John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers band, Clapton earned a reputation for his melodic and tone saturated solos.

In 1968 he formed the super group Cream along with Jack Bruce on bass and Ginger Baker on drums. This group featured long hard driving jams that drew a worldwide audience and led to a major tour of the US. Cream charted a number of songs in the top 40. A live double album entitled Wheels of Fire rose to number one in the US and fully established the group as super stars.
Clapton then joined multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Steve Winwood of the group Traffic to cofound Blind Faith which though successful, only released one album.

Next came Derek and the Dominoes a recording project that also featured American blues player Duane Allman.

Clapton has since had over 40 years in a solo career and been voted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 3 times. Most recently he produced and played in the series of "Crossroads" benefit concerts, featuring an array of guitarists and other musicians, to support a drug treatment center in Antigua.

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