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Earl Sweatshirt is an American Rapper, and a member of the hip hop group Odd Future, best known for his young talent and his album Doris. His career started in 2009, when he was discovered when Tyler, The Creator stumbled upon his Kitchen Cutlery mixtape on his MySpace account. By 2010, Earl Sweatshirt self-released his first studio album titled "Earl". After almost two years of silence, in 2012 a video of Earl Sweatshirt appeared on youtube telling his fans that he was back, and he released a new song on his website called "Home". One the very same day, Earl launched his website, now known as Earlsweatshirt.com. The year 2012 proved to be a busy one, as Earl Sweatshirt spent it traveling with Odd Future and rapping at several different venues, including the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. The year was also spent creating several music videos, being featured in several artists albums (including "Super Rich Kids" from Frank Ocean's album), and creating his own record label under Tan Cressida with Columbia Record. Though he was made several other offers, Earl turned them down in order to remain close to Odd Future. When released in 2013, his second album Doris received critical acclaim, most notably from The Guardian and Los Angeles Times who praised his underground sound and creative lyrics. That same year, he was nominated in the BET Hip Hop awards as best rookie of the year. Although he did not win, he was still named the tenth best producer in Hip Hop.