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Catfish & the Bottlemen, the rock quartet from North Wales made up of frontman Van McCann, guitarist Billy Bibby, bassist Benji Blakeway, and drummer Bob Hall. They group have yet to announce a full-length album, but several single have seen the light of day, including: "Homesick," "Rango," "Pacifier," "Kathleen," "Fallout." The band is quickly becoming a stage-stealer at festivals, as the band can be found playing both festivals and headlining shows on tour across the UK. Indie rock band Catfish and the Bottlemen began in 2007 in Llandudno, North Wales. Formed by lead singer Van McCann, guitarist Billy Bibby and bassist Benji Blakeway, the band started off covering Beatles songs. To attract attention, they would play in parking lots after other concerts. The band's name is rooted in a childhood memory of McCann's. While in Australia as a child, he encountered Catfish the Bottleman, a street busker playing bottles of beer strung on wire. After signing with Communion Records in 2013, the band released its first three singles. In 2014, the musicians switched to Island Records and released their hit single, "Kathleen." In January 2015, the band came out with its first album, "The Balcony." Bibby and Jon Barr, the original drummer, have left the band, but guitarist Johnny Bond joined in 2014. Drummer Bob Hall took Barr's place in 2010. The band has enjoyed a great deal of success. All of the band's singles made Zane Lowe's "Hottest record in the world" and were featured on Radio 1. "The Balcony" ranked No. 10 in the UK Albums Chart in September 2014. The group has been compared to Johnny Marr, Feeder, Mystery Jets and The Cribs. McCann's vocals have been compared to Luke Prichard, The Kooks' lead singer.