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Information of Blondie

An American rock band and the moniker for front woman Deborah Harry, Blondie was one of the front runners of punk rock and new wave when it finally hit the United States in the seventies. They were the quintessential sound of the early 80's with techno chords and eclectic beats. Harry's sexy style and ice-blonde looks drew a large audience, and in retrospective was a point of fierce contention for many, especially guitarist Chris Stein, whom Harry was dating at the time. They tried going solo after Blondie broke up, but were short lived on their own.

Strangely enough, Blondie is one of the few success stories. Despite a very public and seemingly nail-in-the-coffin breakup, the group reformed in 1997. Harry and Stein are no longer together, but reconciliation was surprisingly easy for the group. The group went on to produce even more tracks from the studio and, in 2006, were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.