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Alice in Chains is an influential and critically acclaimed alternative rock band formed in the 90's in Seattle, Washington. They were lumped into the musical genre of Alt Rock and Grunge explosion from the late 90's amongst contemporaries such as, Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. However, the music of Alice in Chains relied a lot on the textures of Heavy Metal and acoustic guitars. They have released 4 full length studio albums to widespread success both on an International and National level. Their 4 albums in chronological order were Facelift, Dirt, Alice in Chains and Black Gives Way To Blue. They were an incredibly successful band in their time. They sold over 25 million units of their albums and were associated as one of the leading groups of the Seattle Grunge musical explosion in the 1990's. The band became stagnant after 1996 due to alcohol and substance abuse, although they never broke up they remained largely silent and unproductive during this period. However, despite major set backs and lack of productivity their music still continues to inspire and influence newer generations of rock, indie and heavy metal. They are still signed to record labels Columbia and Virgin/EMI. In addition, they have been nominated for over 10 Grammy Awards in their long lasting musical career.