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Oakland, California based Tower of Power is a 10 man band of musicians who create musical electricity. Tower of Power blends a mix of funk, jazz, soul and funk-jazz that combines together into a truly unique and dance worthy sound. Originally formed in 1969, Tower of Power is still making people of today move and groove. Through the years, the band has undergone various lineup changes and disputes within the band, but the current lineup seems to keep the music flowing smoothly. In total, Tower of Power has released 18 studio albums, 6 live albums, 6 compilations, and have created a slew of hits including "So Very Hard To Go", "Down To The Nightclub", and "What Is Hip". Through the years, The Tower Of Power horns section has helped out with musicians like The Grateful Dead, Little Feat, The Monkees, Cat Stevens and many other well known musicians and bands.
If you are ready to get up and dance, here is the music video for the song "Knock Yourself Out" by Tower of Power featuring Carlos Santana.