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Concerts from Tool

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Tool is a stand-alone band all their own, born in the early 1990's of grunge rock with heavy big band-type techno and guitar instrumentals combined with transcendental visual performances. Notorious for producing music videos where the band members do not appear, their grotesque imagery belies a complex dissection of the human condition and the commercial nature of society. Despite the bands penchant for privacy and the complex, lengthy tracks that often grace their albums, Tool has remained highly acclaimed and awarded even at the Grammys. Lead vocalist and songwriter Maynard James Keenan is often times hailed as an understated genius and entrepreneur of the generation, dealing with issues that range from child abuse to personal struggles from the death of his mother. On 10,000 Days, Tool strategically recorded separate tracks that could be overlaid together into a phantom recording, though it was not widely publicized for the album. Band members have agreed that working under Tool allows them the freedom to experiment with free-flowing and different methods of producing sound which they can then unify either in the studio or on stage. Tool as a whole band may be pioneers of the deconstruction of the idea of the idol worship of pop and rock stars, but no one would disagree with the idea that they are one of the most influential and prolific American post-rock artists of all time.

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