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The Rapture is an electronic, post punk indie rock band based out of New York City. The Rapture combines elements of electronic with a post punk sound that is truly unlike any other music heard today. The band is comprised of members Vito Roccoforte on percussion and drums, Gabriel Anduzzi on keyboards, saxophone, bass guitar and percussion and Luke Jenner on vocals. The Rapture released their first album in 1999, Mirror, and since that time they have released 3 more albums, including 2011's In the Grace of Your Love. Their music has been heard in clubs, as well as in movies like Superbad and on the video game Grand Theft Auto IV. The Rapture often goes on tour to play in concert at clubs, venues and an occasional festival or two around the United States to perform songs like "Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks" and "House of Jealous Lovers". This is the music video for The Rapture song "Sail Away".