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The Orwells is an American Garage Punk band from a suburb outside of Chicago. It is comprised of four childhood friends: Mario Cuomo, Dominic Corso, Matt O'Keefe, Grant Brinner, and Henry Brinner. Cuomo sings, Corso and O'Keefe play guitar, Grant Brinner plays bass, and Henry Brinner plays drums. The band formed while they were still in high school. In fact, the younger members graduated early so that they could pursue their music career. At times, they were not taken as seriously as they wanted to be taken because of their young age. The Orwells's debut album, which was released in 2012, was ironically titled Remember When by the young artists. It received mixed reviews. After The Orwells began to gain global recognition, there was some controversy between them and another musical group called Arctic Monkeys. The two bands toured together, and afterward it came out that Mario Cuomo, frontman for The Orwells, said that the Arctic Monkeys's live performances were too "synchronized". It seemed that Cuomo thought that Arctic Monkeys were not spontaneous enough in their set list. Live performances is something that The Orwells pride themselves on, as seen during their Late Show with David Letterman performance. While this show was completely entertaining, some reviewers groaned with all the pelvic thrusts from Cuomo.

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