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Spanish born Raphael (Miguel Rafael Martos Sánchez) was part of a children's choir at age four, but by nine his voice was already recognized as one of the best in Europe when he participated in a song contest in Austria. His unique vocal range is amplified in each live stage performance where he is known to enthusiastically act out each of his songs with great gestures and complimentary dancers of various styles. At just sixteen, while competing at the Benidorm International Song Festival in 1962, he won first, second, and third place respectively with three individual song entries. He represented Spain twice in the Eurovision Song Contest, cementing his status as an international musical figure. He simultaneously began a lucrative film career, making appearrances in various Latin American and European films, as well as a spot on the Ed Sullivan Show in the 70's. Throughout his more than sixty years on stage, Raphael has been honored as one of the most important Spanish figures of the 20th century with more than two dozen recorded records and loads more awards including, but not limited to: the Honor Award from the Music Academy from Spain in 2006, six time Champion Best-sellers of Discs, and Diario Pueblo reader's Popular Artist four times. In the United States alone he has had three Grammy nominations, and has a star with his name on Hall of Fame Avenue, Los Angeles.