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Jim James is the lead singer, primary songwriter and guitarist for popular rock band, My Morning Jacket. Jim James was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1978. Jim James attending The University of Kentucky for a short while before dropping out to pursue music. His first band was called Month of Sundays. Jim James is most recognizable for his singing and guitar playing. Furthermore, Jim James has cited his two favorite guitars as Gibson Flying V and the Gibson ES-335. However, My Morning Jacket is considered one of the most successful new rock bands of the past ten years. The sound of the band is largely inspired by Jim James' unique writing style, which combines many types of musical genres into one. Moreover, My Morning Jacket has been known to fuse together many different styles such as folk, reggae, rock, psych and Americana. Esquire Magazine named Jim James one of the best emerging songwriters in 2006. My Morning Jacket released six full-length studio albums since 2009's debut offering The Tennessee Fire. In February 2013, Jim James released his first solo album to much critical acclaim, which was called Regions of Light and Sound of God. Here is an official music video for Jim James' hit song "A New Life": http://youtu.be/VI0Ffwt706w