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Born in Chicago, Illinois, Herbie Hancock is a legendary musician who created his own take on what exactly the job of a jazz rhythm section is supposed to be and he molded it into shapes it had never been molded into before. Herbie Hancock's music blends elements of jazz, funk and R&B into a type of sound that was never heard before Herbie Hancock came along. During his ultra impressive career, Herbie Hancock has released over 50 albums, but he didn't gain the recognition of a hit song until his breakout hit, the Grammy Award winning instrumental song "Rockit" hit the charts and brought Herbie Hancock's music into the mainstream. In total, Herbie Hancock has won 1 Academy Award and 14 Grammy Awards that included a1984 Best R&B Instrumental Performance for the hit single "Rockit". If you have never heard the music of the legendary jazz musician Herbie Hancock, here is a live music video for his breakout hit "Rockit". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN5ltss0NMA