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Critically acclaimed indie rock band Fleet Foxes is a Seattle based band that made their musical debut with the 2006 self released "Fleet Foxes EP". Based on word of mouth, the Fleet Foxes found great popularity around the Seattle area with the "Fleet Foxes EP", but it wasn't until the 2008 release of their 2nd EP "Sun Giant" that the band finally found world wide recognition with their unique blend of prolific lyrics and beautiful harmonies. Later that year, they released their debut full length album "Fleet Foxes" which was then followed 3 years later with the 2011 "Helplessness Blues" album.
Since Fleet Foxes began creating music in 2006, they have played in concert and on tour so to promote their special blend of indie rock music and by doing this they have not only formed a loyal fanbase, but they have gained the praise of music critics around the world. Along with playing shows in a variety of different venues around the U.S. and countries like Australia and New Zealand, Fleet Foxes also played the popular Chicago born indie rock Pitchfork Music Festival in July of 2011.
If you want to hear what all the buzz over Fleet Foxes is about, here is the music video for the 2008 single "White Winter Hymnal" off their debut Fleet Foxes album.