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Often performing under the alias System F, Ferry Corsten is an electronic dance music producer, DJ and host of a weekly radio show called Corsten's Countdown. Born on December 4, 1973 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Corsten created his first album at age 16, but it was not until a year later at the age of 17 that Corsten officially entered the world of music. Corsten worked hard to get his music heard, and eventually his hard work paid off with when he began receiving worldwide recognition for his songs. In 1996, Corsten released his first studio album, Looking Forward, which was the only album he recorded under that name. This was followed by a 2001 name change to System F and a release of two albums, Out Of The Blue and Together, under this name. Then in 2003, Corsten used his real name to record four albums including Right Of Way and Twice In A Blue Moon.