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Death Cab For Cutie is a popular indie rock band that was formed in 1997 out of Bellingham, Washington. The band is comprised of 4 members lead by the soulful voice of Ben Gibbard, who also plays piano and guitar, Chris Walla on guitar and keyboards, Jason McGerr on drums, and Nick Harmer on bass. From their first lp in 1998 named Something About Airplanes to their latest album Codes and Keyes, Death Cab For Cutie creates beautifully haunting music that truly touches the soul. Death Cab For Cutie not only rocks in the studio, but they put on a truly stellar concert as can be seen by fans on their current tour that celebrates their newest cd. Death Cab For Cutie not only plays shows of their own, but they are a favorite on the indie festival circuit as they will display when they play the Perth International Arts Festival on February 17th and 18th in Perth, WA. If you have never heard of this innovative indie rock band, here is their newest music video entitled, You Are A Tourist.