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Information of Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit is an electronic band that is based in Manchester, England. The band is crewed by Jack Patterson, Grace Chatto, and Milan Neil Amin-Smith. They formed the band in 2006, and first met while studying at Jesus College. They were friends for a long time before forming the band, and had participated in several minor acts before forming Clean Bandit. Chatto and Patterson first began Clean Bandit while recording string music together. The two of them are dating. Patterson then began to mix the music, and dubbed it over with electronic beats. The band developed their named based off of a Russian phrase the loosely translates to “Complete-Bastard”. However, Patterson latter stated a better translation of it is closer “Utter-Rascal”. Clean Bandit released their first major single in 2013 call “Mozart’s House”. The song rocketed them to fame, and ended up reaching seventeen on the UK’s Singles Chart. In 2014 Clean Bandit released their second single “Rather-Be”, which ended up reaching the number one spot on the UK’s Single Chart. Clean Bandit’s sound is a mixture of classical music with electronic. Generally their music is composed of string music performed my Amin-Smith and Chatto. They are then backed up by Patterson. On their recorded albums they mix their sound in order to alter the string sound. During live performances they perform over electronic beats. They currently have one full length album called “New Eyes”.