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Music fans knew Ninki Minaj in the world of mixtapes long before they ever saw her on any festival or concert stage. She has become a pillar of strength to the new breed of female artists in the world of male dominated rappers. Nicki used her sexuality to get a foot in the door, but she quickly showed her skills and range once the door was opened. She was somewhat hardcore as an underground mixtape artist. When she surfaced to the mainstream Nicki developed a softer image. The Barbie Girl chaining wear, Young Money chanting, obscure dressing superstar splits her personalities all over her songs. She sings and raps and this is what has allowed her to build a diverse fan base. There are some people that do not like R&B that like Nicki. There are others that do not like rap but still consider themselves Nicki Minjai fans. She has the best of both worlds. When she goes on tour she gives the crowd a little bit of everything. She has performed with Trey Songz, Drake, P. Diddy and Eminen. Her collaborations and her solo efforts have put her at the top of the music pyramid. She constantly proves that she has the ability to deliver content in ways that no one else can. Her speedy flow and her outrageous outfits are just part a bigger package that makes fans go wild. Each music video is something into the unknown. Every collaboration brings out another side of Nicki. Music Video: