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The Reading Festival is held annually in Reading, England. Reading Festival takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the August bank holiday. The Reading Festival 2020 will take place on August 28, 29 and 30, 2020. The Leeds Festival is celebrated on the same days. The origins of the Reading Festival date back to the sixties, when it started as a jazz and R&B music festival in Beaulieu. In the 1970s, the Reading Festival changed its location to the city of Reading. This change coincides with the musical one, with genres such as progressive rock, hard rock and blues taking center stage. At the end of the decade, the first punk bands were added to the cartel. In the early eighties, the Reading Festival included rock, heavy metal and punk in its line-up. It is at the end of the decade when the festival takes a course towards commercial pop. In the nineties, rap and hip-hop acts begin to appear on the line-up of the Reading Festival, which alternates with the popular Britpop artists. In 1999, the Reading Festival decides to expand its stage to the city of Leeds. Thus was born the Leeds Festival, which is celebrated the same weekend as the Reading Festival. During the following decades, the Reading Festival has expanded its capacity and popularity, with more than 105,000 attendees every year and with several stages that offer great musical diversity: dance, punk and hardcore music; emerging artists, even comedy and cabaret, among others. Do not miss the latest news of the Reading Festival 2020, all the information about the Reading Festival 2020 (line-up, artist confirmations, venue, dates, times, how to get there, tickets) in Wegow. Find tickets for Reading Festival 2020 in Wegow.


27 Aug 2020 - 30 Aug 2020


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    Richfield Ave, Reading, RG1, 8EQ, UK

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