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Information of Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa was on the mix tape circuit for a long time. He has had a very quick rise to fame because he was heavily associated with so many rappers in the world of music. The "Black and Yellow" hit that gave him a mainstream audience is still pleasing the crowd when it is performed. His "On My Level" song was another hit that got a lot of radio buzz started. Much of the hype behind his named was linked to smoke session mix tapes that glorified the smoking of marijuana. This topic was the nucleus of his underground appeal with fans. His ability to rap so fluently on the subject of getting high lead to the release of "Rolling Papers" CD. This put Wiz Khalifa on the same track as other artists like Dr. Dre who also references marijuana early in his career. His underground image gave him street appeal. Wiz Khalifa earns respect from the fans through the festival venues that he has performed in. The Rock, Oya, and North Coast Music Festival stages have earned him a spot in the hearts of many fans. They love to see him perform live because he is so energetic. The Wiz Khalifa music video performances on Youtube show people how wild his concert performances can get. He has been on tour with veterans like Snoop Dogg and newcomers like Big Sean. He has helped lots of people like T-Pain and Snoop add flavor to remixes. Music Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h23WgVYDbQ&feature=related