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Rammstein is a band which was initially formed in Germany in 1994. The band is considered influential in getting the genre of music known as Neue Deutsche Härte to a worldwide audience. Success for the band started immediately, and they remain the top selling and globally recognized band of this niche music style. Though songs are performed in their native German, the music itself has global appeal. The first album, 'Herzeleid' was released in 1995, and spawned the first single released, entitled 'Du riechst so gut'. Additional albums produced by Rammstein include, 'Sehnsucht', 'Live aus Berlin', 'Mutter', 'Reise, Reise', 'Rosenrot' and 'Völkerball'. A compilation collection of the band's greatest hits is slated for release in December 2011 entitled 'Made In Germany 1995–2011'. One of the most intriguing aspects of the band is that no member has ever left nor quit the band, and the six original members all still perform and tour together. The band performs at festival events and offer a concert tour on occasion. In addition, music video success has also been realized by the band, especially for sings such as 'Sonne' and 'Ohne Dich'. The unique look and performance style of the band has helped maintain a global legion of fans. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIBeYoP9Wi0&feature=related