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Lana Del Rey is an American indie pop artist from Lake Placid, New York. A newcomer to the music scene, Del Rey has quickly established herself as a cultural entity, successfully merging the stylish grooves of hip hop with the unique phrasing and melodies of American indie pop music. Her sensual, sultry American hipster look has quickly gained her infamy among the music press, as this sensational new artist has gained the type of fame most artists only see after spending months on tour, playing a concert or two in each major city and spending the summer months making the festival rounds. A recently released videoclip of Lana Del Rey's first single, titled "Video Games" has quickly captured the attention of the world. The videoclip was supposedly edited by Del Rey herself, showing that the new star has more talents hidden up her sleeve. "Video Games" has already received a nod for "Best New Music", giving pause to many in the music news world. While only allowing a small handful of interviews, Del Ray has quickly escalated her fame to a feverpitch. The uproar has given way to a second track and video ("Blue Jeans") which mirrors the low budget, indie style of Del Ray's first new hit. Lana Del Ray is on the rise in the American indie pop scene - be sure to keep an eye out for more stunning, original music from this new star.