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There's a very interesting story behind the rise to fame for Enrique Iglesias. Born Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler in Madrid he came to America as a 10 year old following the kidnapping of his grandfather by a terrorists. Iglesias made his concert debut in a private school musical production. He attempted to hide his musical dreams enrolling at University of Miami to study business. Not wanting to capitalize on the Iglesias name, Enrique made a demo of songs in Spanish and English under the alias Enrique Martinez from Guatemala ultimately resulting in being catapulted to fame signing a multi-lingual contract with Universal Music Group. His 100 million-record sales set a benchmark for Latino musicians. Iglesias set other records as Billboard Dance Chart top male artist of all time and first winner of American Music Awards 'Favorite Latin Artist' category. Billboard dubbed him 'Latin Pop King' and 'Dance King.' During a KW tour, Iglesias made a videoclip of “I Like How It Feels' including special backstage pictures. Iglesias has made other videoclip appearances with artists such as Kenya West. Along with Pitbull, Iglesias made a KW tour stop in Newark, New Jersey. Iglesias by sponsored by the McDonald's restaurant chain for his Cosas del Amor (Things of Love) tour. Iglesias made a festival appearance in concert with Elton John and with Lady Gaga at I Heart Radio Music Festival.