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Robadors 51 We are a group of musicians who met by chance in Barcelona, a city filled with artistic expression of all types. In these surroundings we started to work with the rhythms and aesthetics of South American folk music such as the Cumbia and the Vallenato, a classic expression of the Columbian valleys full of simple stories of everyday life. We are a group of eager musicians who find in folk music an identity and a real opportunity to express vocal arrangements, harmonies and the fervor of the three composers. Our music is the product of the fusion of the groups members diverse cultures as we are from various parts of America and Europe. In its first stages Robadors 51 used instruments from traditional folk music to create music about everyday themes such as the “Vaca y el pintor” and “la frutera”, songs which contain a positive feel and an upbeat rhythm, stemming from the characters from Columbian Caribbean folklore. As we completed the construction of the A7 studios , our sound laboratory, everything changed and the group began its journey along the pathway of discovery as we spent months recording our first album. Which brings us to where we are now, perfecting techniques, traveling to Germany to create our Master in the N studios “ where many outstanding international musicians have recorded”. There we mixed 3 songs, the most important being “el invento del vivir”, a song which is a more collective work of the group, with the participation of Nelson who brings a real ... with his lyrics. Robadors 51: Matías Grewelding; pandeiro (a hand frame drum similar to a tambourine) and rebolo (a type of Brazilian drum) , Daniel Ospina; lead singer, electric guitar, cavaquinho (a small four stringed guitar) bass guitar, transverse flute, cuban tres and Fender-Rhodes piano. Ricardo Mezzano; venezuelan cuatro, acoustic guitar, steel guitar and diatonic accordion. Erkki Nylund; bass guitar, charango, venezuelan cuatro and wind instruments. Diego Hidalgo; latin american and afroperuvian percussion We can't forget to mention the Robadors who collaborate with us such as Emilio Conti , composer and guitarist and Ricardo on the double bass, without them it wouldn't be the same.

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