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On the outlandish wings and strange melodies float magic, dreams, ideas, concepts and non-converted into sound concepts, sometimes elegantly merged, others like a knife in the night, with force, the dark brood of his first-love, video , performance art and poetry that mutates into noise, accompanied by bells ambiguous rhythms and textures of live electronic music avant-garde.

The way to work Pretty & Predator revolves around the manipulation of field recordings, synthesizers and programming in some cases, ownership of foreign sounds (movies, classical music ...). Overlaying, stacking and manipulating these layers of material processed Pretty & Predator creates dark and mysterious landscapes, sounds dense, serious and full of nuances. Experimenting with random controlled (and uncontrolled) are produced strange and delightful coincidences, accidents audible along with the other elements are the artist's work.

Pretty & Predator is the musical pseudonym of Jesús Vögel aka Errorvision, who divides his time between the audio and video, but now lives in Granada, has passed through cities such as Madrid, Menorca, Barcelona, Ibiza, Cadiz and Valencia among others. These dynamic and vibrant cities have been immensely creative for adding a multitude of projects and artistic collaborations to his repertoire, whose aim has always been the need to explore new ways of sound, and investigate the concepts of interest to the man and his relationship with sound and image.

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