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Bleed The Man started in mid 2007 as a project band in the town of Alcudia, Mallorca (Balearyc Islands – Spain). Later they moved to the city of Inca, Mallorca, wich is the hometown of 4 of their members.
At the beginning of 2008 the band got its actual line-up members: Jose A. Joyas (Lead Vocals), original singer of the band “Hatelevel” and guitar player of death metal band “Linear Phase”; Pedro Alvarez de Sotomayor (Guitars), ex-member from “Filthy Liers”, and “Pequeño Diablo”; Benjamin Markham (Guitars), whos previous bands were “Blasthema”, “X-plicit” and “TXS”; Paco J. Delgado (Bass) that played before in “Blasthema” and “X-plicit” bands; and Miquel A. Riutort (Drums), original lead singer and guitarrist of black metal band “Agorazheim” and drummer of “X-plicit” and “Linear Phase” bands.

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