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Aún no tenemos conciertos de este artista,
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Born in Argentina, 1953 Alfredo Fiorito lived in his native town of Rosario until the age of 23.In 1976 he left his homeland and immigrated to Spain, ending up a few months later on the island that would shape the rest of his life-Ibiza. One year later, his son Jaime was born and for the next few years Alfredo dedicated himself both to his child and to various job roles including fashion designer, candle maker, delivery man and barman, amongst others, All of these were a far cry from his original trained profession, as Journalist in his native Argentina. Apart from the aforementioned variety of jobs, Alfredo’s life had always had some connection with music, in particular, as music critic on a newspaper and concert producer. From 1982, this interest was stepped up, as Alfredo decided to try his hand at DJing. It was a good move, and one that today, some 20 years later; he views with the same enthusiasm. In his first year he combined his new skill of DJing with that of Barman in a bar in Ibiza Port. It was whilst multi-tasking in this same bar, known in those days as Bebop, that he was approached to DJ at Amnesia. At that time, the club was renowned as the most underground venue in Ibiza, since then, of course, it has gone on, due in part to Alfredo, to become one of the most famous night clubs in the world. Alfredo played his first session in the super club in 1983 in an event called Imposible, which didn’t quite attain the success hoped for… Thankfully for the entire dance music industry as we know it, and not to be outdone, Alfredo didn’t give up.

Amongst other international awards and recognition that Alfredo has received throughout his lengthy career, he won DJ of the Decade in internationally known DJ Magazine in 1988. He was also the first DJ ever to receive an award at the Middem Awards in Cannes. More recently, in the 2005 Ibiza DJ Awards, he was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award, clearly proving his status in the Music Industry.

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